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Hey, just a quick reminder that I compile my Spam Resource blog content into a weekly email newsletter that sends out every Monday morning. Each week it contains highlights from the past week of posts, and an article or two from the twenty years of archives I've got up in here. God forbid I ever have free time again, I'll also start throwing in email exclusive content, like I've been threatening to do forever. So if you want to be sure never to miss out on my "valuable" blog and email content, feel free to sign up for my email newsletter here. It's sponsored by nobody except me, with the caveat that you'll hear me talking about what I'm working on at work from time to time. And if you're email technology savvy, you can find endless hours of fun by pulling apart the email headers and telling me what I've done wrong, since I built the newsletter builder and sender automation myself. But anyway! Thanks for reading, no matter where and how you do it!

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