Apple MPP Opens: Spam Resource Data

Here's a quick and simple post where I take a moment to share with you the stats from my Spam Resource email newsletter sends -- you might have already seen this in the CSA webinar I just did with Marcel Becker from Yahoo. But if not, here you go! As you can see courtesy of the pac-man-like thing above (please don't sue me, whoever owns pac-man), just a hair under 18% of my tracked opens seem to fall into the Apple MPP category, based on the referrer. (I know that going off of referrer alone is slightly inaccurate, but that's the easy way to do it and I'm lazy.) 

This "about 18%" number seems to be pretty static from week-to-week of late. The net here is that my data is a lot different than the data from Sparkpost and others. Their data isn't wrong -- indeed, Sparkpost's data is a lot more comprehensive than mine, and I trust it. It does highlight that your mileage may vary; MPP representation in your data is going to vary based on your audience.



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