Where my BIMIs at?

I very recently scanned the most recent 1.4 million emails or so that I've received to look for BIMI logos. Of the 292,000 unique domains in that mail sample, a whopping 818 of them seem to have published BIMI records in DNS. That didn't quite impress me, but I guess we have to keep in mind that it is mostly a spam feed I'm dealing with here. The legitimate senders are likely outnumbered by the garbage senders, and garbage senders are probably less likely to adopt BIMI. Anyway, of that 818 domains having BIMI records, 169 of them have Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs). So, of BIMI adopters, under a quarter of them seem to have taken the VMC plunge. This isn't entirely a scientific sample, but it's an interesting bit of data nonetheless.

Note that I didn't bother to check to see if they publish a DMARC record that is in line with BIMI requirements. I was actually just looking for as many sample logos as possible, to test a BIMI logo hosting tool I'm working on, to see how many people get it wrong when trying to properly create a Tiny-PS SVG file.

If you're curious and want to take a peek at almost 1,000 BIMI records yourself, I'm happy to share. Click here to view the data in Google Docs, and feel free to steal it for your own uses.

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