Content Happens: Now what?

So, you read my blog post about how content still matters (even if it takes a back seat to IP and domain reputation). And you've done the neutral content test. And you see that you've got a probably content issue. Now what? Here's what.

In a recent entry for Kickbox's Email Deliverability Unfiltered Series, Jennifer Nespola Lantz compiled a whole list of helpful content-related deliverability considerations, and included her own. You really should check it out. In particular, Mary Youngblood and Matthew Vernhout, and the others provide some very prescriptive guidance on what to check for in your content when trying to identify and fix content-related deliverability problems.

Keep in mind that when solving problems, it can be a bit of an arms race. (And the best way to win this kind of arms race is not to play.) The goal (and my desire) is not to teach you to stay "one step ahead" of filters while you send unwanted mail, because that's not a path to success. There is no content trick that is going to get you reliably past spam filters in the long term (even though you've probably run into that one dude who claims otherwise -- he's full of beans). If you have a reputation issue based on spam complaints or list hygiene, then even if your content got fingerprinted because of that, it's not just as simple as changing your template. Even if it helps improve things for the day, keep in mind that big ISPs are smart, and spam filters are not standing still. If your send garnered complaints today, they're going to garner complaints tomorrow, if all you did was swap out that template but kept sending mail to people who didn't ask for it.

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