Validity FBL adds two new ISPs: SFR and Gandi

Validity manages ISP feedback loops for a whole bunch of ISPs (30+) all around the world. They've got a signup and management interface for this "Universal Feedback Loop Service" at And they have just announced that they've added SFR and Gandi to the list of ISP Feedback Loops that they have coordinated into this management interface.

The current total list of ISPs and mailbox providers supported via this Universal Feedback Loop Service now includes: BlueTie, Comcast, Cox, Fastmail, Gandi, ItaliaOnline, LiberoMail, Virgilio,, Liberty Global, UnityMedia, UPC, Locaweb,, OpenSRS, Rackspace,, SFR, SilverSky, Swisscom, Synacor, TIM, Telenet, Telenor, Telstra, Terra, UOL, Virgin Media, XS4ALL, Yandex, and Ziggo.

Senders, if you register for your own feedback loops (some ESP/CRM platforms handle this for you), you'll want to head over to the Universal Feedback Loop Service website and see about signing up. Feedback loops are an extremely valuable deliverability mechanism that helps you understand which lists, data or sends are causing the most spam complaints. The ISPs and mailbox providers already have access to this data (which is one of the data points they use when trying to decide whether or not to block mail), so with access to this data yourself, you can use it to improve your sending practices and reduce the chances of falling into email jail.

(And don't forget, if you do register for FBLs yourself, be sure to register for the Microsoft (JMRP) and Yahoo (CFL) feedback loops as well -- they are both important FBL feeds, and not included in the Universal Feedback Loop grouping.)

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