EmailKarma celebrates 15 years!

Please join me in wishing a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to Matthew Vernhout on reaching a very significant milestone with his EmailKarma blog: 15 years! Matthew's deliverability blog EmailKarma was born into this world way back in July 2007, and is still out there today, keeping us all updated with his news and views from the deliverability universe! Congrats, good sir!

So many good blog resources come and go. People move upward, onward, or out of the industry and leave their websites behind. Or even worse, take them down. It's a bummer when email marketing resources and good voices succumb to internet bit rot and I'm thankful for Matthew putting in the effort to keep EmailKarma active and up to date.

Besides checking out his blog at, be sure to stop on over to this Linkedin thread to wish him congratulations.

(The screenshot is from August 2007, in case you're wondering. Oh, blog designs were much simpler then.)



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