Apple iOS 16 bonus: report SMS spam!

Mobile providers have been suggesting this for a while now (here's me talking about Verizon and this service apparently goes back ten years) -- report that SMS spam so that somebody can do something about it! But the reporting process (at least on iPhone) was clunky. Manually forward the content of an SMS message to 7726 and then the 7726 bot replies, requesting the source phone number, which you can then provide. Not the slickest process. Apparently, Android has had a solution to this for a while now, and Apple joins them with iOS 16, offering a much easier way to report an unwanted SMS message as spam! Cloudmark explains here that now, with iOS 16, users can hit the "report junk" link under the unwanted message, and a report will be sent both to Apple and to Cloudmark to help guide future SMS spam filtering efforts. YAY! Because SMS spam sucks! And as Cloudmark reports, even before this new feature on Apple devices, reports are up, up, up, up! Block that garbage already, mobile devices and mobile network providers!

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