Use this one weird trick to deliver your email faster

Do you want to be kind to your friendly neighborhood mailbox provider? Of course you do! Who doesn't want to "do a solid" favor for a giant, faceless corporation?? I kid. Seriously, though, this pro-tip has benefit both to you and to the mailbox providers: If you can stagger your send times -- don't launch exactly at zero or thirty minutes past the hour -- adjusting send start time by just a few minutes, starting anywhere from perhaps three to eight minutes early or late, you're likely to see that mail delivered more quickly, and it might be less likely to be throttled. Because everybody else sends at the top or bottom of the hour (exactly), mailbox providers get overwhelmed with inbound email delivery attempts at those exact moments. A representative of one of the big mailbox providers explicitly confirmed for me that this happens. The implication is that if you send at the exact same time as everybody else, the chances of seeing your email delivery throttled or delayed are increased.

It's such a simple thing, and I've called it out before in previous webinars, but I felt it merited sharing all on its own. (And why don't CRM and ESP platforms have some sort of randomizer/delay mechanism like this built in?)

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