Let’s learn about CASL

CASL is (literally) “Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.” If you’re American, think of it as the Canadian version of CAN-SPAM, the US federal anti-spam law, but with some important differences. I know a fair amount about CAN-SPAM (disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer) but I know less about CASL. I wanted to learn more, so I asked for guidance from Canadian Deliverability expert Matthew Vernhout (who is currently VP, Deliverability North America for Netcore Cloud). Here are a few good links that he kindly shared with me.

And don't forget to follow Matt Vernhout's blog, Email Karma. Thanks, Matt, for sharing all of this great info!

Know of any other great CASL-related resources that I should link to? Drop me a line or leave a comment, and thanks!

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