Zoom launches new email service

Videoconferencing provider Zoom is getting into the email game. Their new Zoom Mail service will allow users to create their own user accounts using the zmail.com domain, but the bigger play is offering custom domain email hosting to paid clients. Surf on over here for more about the Zoom Mail and Calendar Service straight from Zoom themselves, or click on through here to read coverage and analysis of the launch from an industry blog called No Jitter.

There are about fifty billion B2B email domain hosting options nowadays, so I'm not entirely sure that the world needs another one. But, add on services and bundles make sense for companies who want more to be able to sell to existing clients, and I do suspect there will be some interest here from the SMB-end of B2B, happy to consolidate a few different services into a single invoice. And honestly, so much mail is hosted by Google and Microsoft, maybe we DO need more competition in this space? That's a reason to hope that Zoom succeeds.

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