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SFMC: Two-Click Unsubscribe with AMPscript

Adam Spriggs recently posted a very helpful Salesforce Marketing Cloud tip to his blog, which you'll find here. In it, he guides you through how to use AMPscript to implement a "two click unsubscribe" process. Why would you want to do that? To keep bots and email security filters from accidentally unsubscribing subscribers without their knowledge, of course. It happens, and it's a very good thing to protect against. I have long advocated that every "one click unsub" process should actually be a "two click unsub" process, to minimize false positive unsubscribes.

By the way, if you're an SFMC nerd, Salesforce developer or architect, or just wish you were, you really should be following Adam Spriggs' blog. It's called "sprignaturemoves" and it's chock full of useful SFMC and AMPscript-related content.

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