You survived the holidays…now what?

You fully prepared for the holiday season, and you’ve survived, and hopefully, thrived! Where does that leave us in January? I think it's a great time to review marketing strategy and technical settings -- allowing us to answer the question: What can and should you be doing now to position yourself for future deliverability success?

Allow me to offer up five quick tips.

  1. Review your dedicated IP address strategy. Do you have enough IP addresses to support your desired max daily email volume? I recommend sending no more than 2 million messages per day from a single IP address. Now’s a good time to warm up additional IPs, if needed.
  2. Review your domain segmentation choices. Got enough mail to separate the mail streams by domain or subdomain? Transactional versus marketing? Brand X versus brand Y? If you send enough email volume per stream to be able to separate it out, now is a good time to configure and implement those new domains or subdomain splits.
  3. Review your domain authentication configuration. Check and make sure your domains are fully configured as an authenticated sending domain in your email platform. Look for opportunities to replace default DKIM or SPF settings with ones that use your domain instead of a sending platform’s default domain setting.
  4. Investigate DMARC. Now’s a good time to implement DMARC monitoring with a plan to move toward p=quarantine or p=reject to keep bad guys from spoofing your domain. Now that you’re out of holiday lockdown, your IT team is more likely to be willing to implement any DNS changes needed to fully implement DMARC.
  5. Clean up that subscriber database. Now’s a good time to find and sunset those inactive subscribers after giving them a solid number of attempts to wake back up during the last few months. Time to scrape the junk out of your list, just like it's time to take the christmas tree down and recycle it.

During the holiday season, we warned you that it was not the right time to experiment. Now is a much better time to safely do that testing that you avoided previously. And check your technical to-do list. Was there anything else that you kept yourself from moving forward with, because you didn’t want to blow things up during Cyber Week? Time to start catching up and checking those items off as you complete them.

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