Google Postmaster Tools trouble on 2/9

Google Postmaster Tools, the very handy domain reputation dashboard provided free of charge from the folks behind Gmail, is having trouble right now. Since at least early afternoon on Thursday, February 9th, users have been greeted with an eternal spinning wheel after logging in. A few folks have suggested that hitting refresh a bunch of times might get you past this, but I wasn't able to have any luck with that myself. Thus, if you're experiencing trouble with GPT at the moment, know that it's not just you, and I'm sure Google is working on getting everything back up and running as soon as possible.

Sunday, February 12th, 2023 Update: GPT seems to be working now. I'm not seeing any missing data, either.


  1. today is feb 28 and gpt is still not reachable

  2. March 2nd, it has not been reachable for at least a week or so for me

  3. Still offline, has it been hacked?


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