Is Cyren shutting down? Probably.

Multiple folks are warning that internet security company Cyren is on the verge of shutting down. The company itself has not exactly said this, but reading between the lines, it seems inevitable; just about all staff laid off, and smart industry folks warning that while servers are up for now, if something were to break, there's probably nobody left on the payroll to fix it. 

Cyren is broadly used for spam/content filtering and if your company or mailbox provider utilizes Cyren for inbound spam/security filtering of email, they're probably scrambling to find an alternate solution. Indeed, one mailbox provider I've talked to today is in this exact position, seeing how quickly they can migrate away from the use of Cyren services. Threat intelligence and spam filtering requires that filter rules and fingerprints be updated automatically and periodically, both to capture new threats and address potential false positives. Assuming that there's nobody left at Cyren to make those updates periodically, filtering results are likely to get less accurate as time goes on.

If you're a Cyren user and are looking for an alternative, Ken Simpson, CEO of MailChannels, shared this offer to the Mailop list, and I'm reproducing it here with his permission:

"To help Cyren customers, MailChannels is offering free access to the MailChannels content filter API, which accurately filters billions of messages for tens of millions of users and millions of domains within our transactional email service. 43% of the domains that use a transactional email service send their email via our SMTP service.

We have no plans to charge for access; however, commercial support plans will be available if you need an SLA. We can accommodate any size of client; however, we are prioritizing Cyren customers who handle at least 1 million messages per month. If you are a very small user, this API is probably not for you; however, as a mailop user you are welcome to contact me for free access to our SMTP relay services for personal use.

"If you have an interest in using the MailChannels content filter API, please contact us here:"

Ken mentioned to me that this API replicates Cyren's API protocol to make potential replacement easy. I thought it was kind of Ken and MailChannels to offer this up for free, so I've decided to share it here.

Good luck to all, the affected customers and affected ex-employees of Cyren.

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