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Outlook spam filters fall down, go boom

Mashable's Tim Marcin and others are reporting that a failure in Microsoft's spam filtering has resulted in (Hotmail) users receiving a bunch of spam in their inbox unexpectedly. Meaning, something broke -- a something that would have previously either blocked those messages or relegated them to the Junk Folder.

I wasn't able to confirm this myself; my personal and test addresses are too well protected from public view; meaning they're not on any common spam lists. I've updated my website contact info to use an account, so I'm sure I'll start getting spam there soon. Maybe I'll be able to observe this for myself. (Hey, that's, for all the spambots out there.)

This could be causing a unique scenario or two. Not only are bad guys perhaps scrambling to send as much garbage as they can before the spam filter loophole is corrected, but for email sending platforms that have your typical mix of senders with both inbox and spam folder placement, the net is overall, an increased inbox placement rate, which means that spam complaints -- and associated feedback loop feeds -- are likely to greatly and quickly increase in volume. So senders and email service providers, keep an eye on your feedback loop processes -- you're probably receiving higher numbers of complaints from Microsoft users, compared to usual.

As far as I can tell, the issue was limited to a period of time on February 20th and has since been resolved. 

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