Australian woman arrested for email bombing

From Bleeping Computer: A woman in Australia was arrested for sending over 32,000 emails to a Federal Member of Parliament, impacting systems enough that people weren't able to do their normal jobs as a result. She faces charges that could result in a prison term of up to ten years. Read more.

Is 32,000 a lot of emails? I guess so, for a regular mailbox. Here I am today, deleting 12,000 messages out of this mailbox, 6,000 out of that mailbox, times about a hundred, for the various deliverability tracking stuff at work, so it doesn't seem that overwhelming to me. Back at my last job, I had Gmail test mailboxes that would occasionally fill up and I'd be deleting upwards of 150,000 messages at a time. But still, I probably wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that have to work around it to get to the emails I actually want to receive, in my personal inbox.

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