Sending Legally Mandated Emails: How to Put Your Best Foot Forward

Has your legal team ever told you to send a one time legal notification email to all 25 million customers? Even to the ones who haven't logged in any time in the past 13 years? Yeah, it happens. It was something I helped guide clients on regularly back when I was leading the deliverability team for a major email service provider.

The tricky thing with this type of communication is that while your legal team says it must be sent, the ISPs do not see it the same way. The things that can impede deliverability success are not excused simply because the email message is perceived as required by the legal team. Mandated notices, especially to addresses that haven't engaged in years, aren't really wanted emails, and a lot of email spam filters are focused on trying to filter out unwanted mail.

It's important that the legal team understand this. Email is not Fedex. There is no guarantee of delivery, and there is no absolute proof of receipt. "Handed off the mail" is no proof that it was seen, and even clicks and opens aren't that trustworthy indicators that a message has been read in this modern age.

But if you've been told that you've got to send the email, here's where to start. Dan Stone from Braze has put together a guide and it's a very solid overview of where you should start and what you need to consider. Read it here.

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