More Apple privacy changes coming

When Apple's iOS 17 and MacOS Sonoma come to the public later this fall, there will be new privacy improvements, as there always are. This time around, Apple's looking to block some tracking methodology by stripping various parameters from URLs.

Will it strip parameters from email messages received in Apple Mail? Will the parameters stripped include UTM codes, the common tracking mechanism marketers use to identify traffic sources in certain scenarios? If they do, that'd have a significant impact on marketers. This was my fear at first, what if they block this relatively harmless tracking mechanism (that doesn't tend to identify individuals).

Right now, though, it looks like UTMs might be safe? And Apple's apparently not going to strip out parameters from links in email messages -- the focus instead is apparently on removing excess variables from URLs when copying them from Safari or Apple Mail for sharing with others.

I think.

This is all quite new. I hope to learn more as we get closer to Apple's public launch of all of this, later in 2023. Stay tuned.



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