Friday fun: It's not spam, it's SMEAT!

Yum! Is it as delicious as it looks? Alas, we likely will never know, as it it is not real. It's SMEAT, the fake prop meat product originally created for the movie Waterworld and later re-used in many, many other TV shows and movies.

Thankfully, there's a website where you can learn more about SMEAT: And where did I get this glorious screen capture? From this Youtube video: Adam Savage's Tested: What's Wrong With These Products? There's fun to be had here, whether you're a fan of movies, graphic design, or just spiced ham and pork products. Hopefully all of the above, like me. Please enjoy.

Come to think of it, if the cans of SMEAT were originally made as props for a movie released in 1995, that means that they were probably created in 1994, and if they started out life as real cans of SPAM, and if those cans still contain the original meat inside, that meat would now be at least 29 years old, assuming it was "born" shortly before purchase by the Hollywood prop house. Maybe it's best that we don't find out what it tastes like after 29 years? Spam is a resilient food stuff, but there has to be a limit.
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