ICYMI: Serving up Expert Deliverability Tips with Epsilon's John Stephenson

In July 2023, Epsilon's John Stephenson and I co-presented a webinar: Serving Up Expert Tips Balancing Revenue Goals & Deliverability. We had a grand old time making silly puns about grilling and barbecuing, while diving into deliverability and how to do it right to maximize inbox placement and minize your chances of inbox problems.

We got specific, talking about how much might just be too much -- and how Apple's Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) has impacted this whole deliverability game, as well as how specifically it impacts subscriber lifecycle management. John went into details -- explaining how to update the Subscriber Lifecycle Management model to deal with this new normal of impared engagement tracking. And of course, we covered the basics and how to get those basics right and correct.

If you missed the session, no worries! You can find a recording of it linked here on Youtube as well as below. Enjoy!

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