Everything broke last week

So much going on in the past week in the world of email deliverability. Multiple email platforms (ISPs/MBPs) and sending platforms (ESPs) having problems or unexpected downtime. Multiple issues with DNS, which is one of those things that few people understand and even fewer people manage or monitor properly. Which is why you should follow Julia Evans and check out her "How DNS Works!" zine, if you haven't already. And why we all should tread very lightly around those legacy systems that manage so much of the DNS that makes the internet work. But I digress.

What's going on THIS week is that Jennifer Nespola Lantz and I are going to present a webinar on Wednesday specifically talking deliverability as it relates to the little guy. You're not paying a Marketing Cloud a million dollars for platinum support. It's just you and maybe somebody else and you're managing your sends out of Mailchimp or Beehiiv or something and maybe you don't know all that much about deliverability. Or maybe you know just enough to realize that at your level, you can't afford a big expensive consult or a full time body to teach you deliverability, and you're not sure what you'll do if and when you have a deliverability issue.

There are really three different constituencies involved the deliverability universe -- email send platforms (ESPs and CRMs), email mailbox platforms (MBPs and ISPs), and third-party security and filtering entities (DNSBLs, blocklists, filters, and security providers). And then there's you, just trying to send your mail, and sometimes you can get caught in the middle when two or more of these big giant providers or filters get into a fight. So what do you do if that happens? And better yet, how do you prevent it from happening?

THAT, and more, is what Jen and I will talk about this Wednesday. It's free, you can register here, and I hope to see you there.

In case you're wondering -- I share information about platform problems and system downtimes not to mock, shame or show disrespect, but to make sure people are aware of things that can affect email and deliverability. Truthfully, I hope everybody involved in all of the DNS issues and/or unexpected downtime this past week survived, got everything fixed okay, nobody got fired, and everybody was able to take the weekend to calm yourself after the storm.

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