Gmail may ask for verification to add a forwarding address or edit filters

The Verge reports on a new change announced by Google: There's now a good chance they'll ask you to verify your login when you change certain Gmail settings, adjusting things like IMAP email access or adding email forwarding to a new address. Here's the details from Google. This is a good thing, meant to prevent stealth account takeovers where you might think everything is fine, but a bad actor could be siphoning mail away without the account's owner realizing what's going on. I'm sure it's going to annoy me, though, since I have a zillion Gmail accounts all with various settings around forwarding and IMAP that I am often modifying. But, I'll happily put up with it in the name of making Gmail a more secure platform for users.

[ H/T: Jennifer Nespola Lantz ]

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