RNC vs Google: Republicans lose this round

Remember that the RNC had sued Google, alleging that RNC emails were being unfairly dropped into Gmail spam folders due to political animus on the part of Google? Well, so far, things aren't going in the RNC's favor. Judge Daniel Calabretta said that while it was a "close case," the political committee had not "sufficiently pled that Google acted in bad faith." The judge is leaving room for the RNC to re-file, so I'm sure this isn't the last we've heard of this. Read more here and here.

I'm not a lawyer and haven't reviewed the evidence in this case deeply, but I've always been 1000% doubtful of the claims being made by the RNC. If a mailbox provider is positioning messages differently for Republican-sent email vs Democratic, generally because it is because the provider is responding to data points suggesting different practices between the two senders or groups of senders. I have no reason, based on what I know about Gmail's filters and my own observations to believe that this is anything other than "RNC is more spammy." Not that the D side is perfectly clean (unfortunately, too many people on both sides of the aisle do email badly), but a difference in results very, very strongly speaks to a difference in practices -- not a political bias.

To put it another way, consider that I've never had to tell people to change the political leanings of their content to address an inbox placement problem.

You can find a link to the full text of the court's order here.
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