MacOS Sonoma drops support for legacy mail plug-ins

Apple's latest computer operating system, macOS Sonoma, launches today, September 26th. With that launch comes a loss of email-related functionality. The Apple Mail app in Sonoma no longer has support for legacy mail plug-ins. Plug-ins included tools like Mailbutler, SpamSieve and EagleFiler (and others). Apparently a new MailKit-based framework now exists for Apple Mail plugins, but is said to be more limited than what was previously available. Tobias from tool-developer Mailbutler explains more of what's changed here.

I don't really know enough about these various plug-ins to have specific opinions on them, but in general, mail plugins that have access to email data always make me a bit nervous from a privacy perspective. Apple's privacy-first focus makes me wonder if they these mail plug-ins potentially had access to more data than Apple was comfortable with.
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