Telstra Bigpond moves to p=reject DMARC policy

Australian telecommunications provider Telstra has very recently implemented a "p=reject" DMARC policy for their primary email domains (,, and What this means for senders is that it is no longer safe to use these domains in your from address when sending from anything other than Telstra's email platform. No using Telstra email addresses to send mail from your ESP, CRM or newsletter platform -- these domains are now configured so that ISPs are encouraged to reject mail from these domains when not authenticated properly.

Remember that in this day in age it's always best to send your emails from a third party platform using only your own specific domain or subdomain, owned by you and configured to authenticate properly from every email sending platform you're using.

My cached DMARC checks for the top 10 million domains show Telstra domains previously had a DMARC policy of "none" back in June, then "quarantine" in July, and now were set to "reject" in late July or early August.

[ H/T: Tara Natanson for the heads up that the change actually happened, and to Autumn Tyr-Salvia for the original warning that it was coming. ]

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