Oops: Important information about your Amazon gift card order

Don't fret! If you received an email from Amazon warning about gift card fraud that seems to imply that you recently purchased a gift card for Amazon, Google Play, or some other store, you're not alone. Amazon glitched and seems to have sent a bunch of these notifications out, to people who have indeed NOT purchased a gift card recently.

The email read:

Dear Amazon Customer,

Thank you for purchasing Google Play gift cards from Amazon.com.

We would like our customers to be aware of some important information relating to purchase of Google Play gift cards.

There are a variety of scams in which fraudsters try to trick others into paying with gift cards from well-known brands. To learn more about some common scam attempts that may involve asking for payment using gift cards please click on the button below, or alternatively contact us now.

Some versions of the email referenced Google Play (as did my copy), but other folks have mentioned that their copy referenced something other than Google Play (such as Mastercard or Hotels.com). Some folks received more than one email.

Amazon followed up with a second email, confirming that the original message(s) was/were sent in error: "You may have recently received an email from Amazon relating to a purchase of gift cards on Amazon.com. This email was sent in error. No action is required and we apologize for the inconvenience."

Nothing to see here; no fraudulent purchases seem to be happening. I scanned my credit cards for activity and found none.

[ H/T: Mark Alley, my own inbox, and others! ]

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