Spamhaus wants your spam!

Now's your chance! Whether or not you've got your own spamtrap and data feed, or if you're just being doggedly annoyed non-stop by a particular jerky spammer, you can now pass information directly to Spamhaus, with the hope that it will help inform their spam filtering efforts. Of course, not every single submission is going to immediately result in your favorite spammer suddenly landing on the SBL, but there's a good chance that, if enough people report the same thing, it'll lead to some new and interesting blocklist entries.

I'm sure there are a number of spammers out there who try very hard to avoid spamming Spamhaus's spamtraps or friends, or they happen to spam via channels that Spamhaus doesn't necessarily directly monitor, so I'm encouraged by this chance to report some of the unsolicited marketing email that I receive on a regular basis (hey cold leads, I'm thinking of you!). 

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