Chrome turns on real-time phishing protection

Michael Crider (staff writer for PCWorld) is one of the many folks reporting on Google's new real-time anti-phishing protection in the Chrome web browser. This means checking every domain you're trying to visit against some sort of domain or URL blocking list. Aside from the privacy concerns (which I'll leave to Michael to cover), I'm wondering about how likely this live monitoring and check process will be to subject to false positives. Is this just a quicker check against a now more-quickly updated Google Safe Browsing blocklist? If you find your email or website domain on your list in error, do you still go to this same "report error" page as before? How swiftly will they review and reset accidental listings? When something like this is scaled up and sped up, accuracy and/or manual review doesn't always seem to scale up with it. So, color me full of concerns. Read more here.

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