Bonus Webinar: A Crash Course on List Unsubscribe

I have a gift for you this holiday season: A bonus mini-webinar, covering a topic that people keep asking me about: The List Unsubscribe header, and specifically, how does it work and what do platforms need to implement to be in compliance with the new 2024 Gmail and Yahoo sender requirements?

It's 23 minutes of ... just me! Talking about list-unsub! Sorry, not sorry. I collected every single thing I could think of, everything I've read, tested myself, and even added a few things suggested by friends, and now you get me walking you through every single thing I can think of about the list-unsub header.

Why a recorded webinar? It's a bit of a test. I have a whole bunch of information that I wanted to share on the topic and I didn't want to write a fifteen page blog post that surely nobody would slog their way through. This way, you can speed it up, slow it down, pause on certain bits, etc., as needed. And I found the presentation structure an easy way for me to write up bullet points to help jog my memory for talking points.

I hope you find it useful and I welcome your thoughts and feedback. Find the recording here and below:

Here are the links from the webinar:  

Learn More From Google: 

Learn More From Yahoo: 

Learn More From Word to the Wise: 

Learn More From RFCs: 

Learn More from Litmus: 

And here you can find a link to a PDF copy of the presentation:

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