Brian Krebs on the new ICANN Registration Data Request Service process

Brian Krebs has a grand writeup on the new ICANN thingy (technical term) meant to help folks standardize requests for access to WHOIS data via a new "Registration Data Request Service" process. I'll let Brian give you his good overview and history of what happened to WHOIS data (grr, GDPR!) and the negative impact it has had on good guys trying to track and stop bad guys. But at the end of the day, I have to express my doubt that it will actually result in additional meaningful access to WHOIS data. Registrars can opt-out, and there's nothing here compelling a registrar to respond to certain requests in a certain way. This whole RDRS standardization could just make it easier for registrars to ignore data access requests. So...what was the point of this again?

Read it here: ICANN Launches Service to Help With WHOIS Lookups

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