DMARC Alert!

Why don't ESPs warn you, when you're putting your email together, when you're about to send the test message, if DMARC is going to fail? It was perhaps considered optional in the past, but from 2024 onward, DMARC effectively becomes mandatory given Gmail and Yahoo's new sender requirements. Thus, DMARC compliance (and success) has become more important than ever before.

Which means that it's time for sending platforms to start warning people, before somebody sends a big email campaign that's going to fail DMARC. A big ole blinking "DMARC alert" warning, please and thank you!

This is such a great idea that I am saddened that I didn't think of it. All credit here goes to Big Jason Henderson, who posited that when trying to execute a test send, a warning should pop-up telling you if the send platform thinks a message is likely to fail DMARC, why that is, and what to do to fix it.

Great advice! Thanks, Jason!



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