Fun with small data: my own list broken down by mailbox provider

Sometimes I've got big data to share, and sometimes I don't. Since I don't have big data today, I thought it would be fun to pause and take a look at a small bit-o-data to see what we all can learn from it.

In the graphic above, you can see a breakdown of the top domains and mailbox providers as measured from my tiny little Spam Resource newsletter list. Just under 800 subscribers at the moment. It's a niche list and different people with different audiences are going to show a different breakdown of domains and providers, but still, I see a lot of the same domains and providers that other folks see.

A few notes:
  1. I organized the data both by domain and by provider. See how this changes things. I guess my newsletter would pretty much count as a B2B newsletter, as my target audience is email senders -- email marketers and newsletter publishers. By either measure (domain or provider), Gmail is king. While only 32% of my subscribers use a address, a whole bunch more use Gmail but with a custom domain name. For Microsoft, this difference is even more pronounced. Less than 2% of my subscribers joined the list from a address, but over 16% of my subscribers use Microsoft as their backend mailbox provider.
  2. Yahoo's a little less represented here and I think that is reflective of them not being as big in the B2B space. They used to offer an SMB mail hosting product -- I'm not sure that they still do, or at least it isn't well known currently.
  3. Mimecast and Proofpoint are top mailbox providers in my tiny slice of B2B life.
  4. A bunch of the other usual suspects in the B2B space are represented, too, but because my list is so small, they're basically lost down in the long tail.
TL;DR? Gmail's a big deal, no matter how I slice it.

This is also interesting to compare to JWZ's B2C domain data from the DNA Lounge nightclub. Mostly the same players. Email is a bit of a small universe, at least at one end.

Note: I pixelated a few of the domain entries as not to name specific email companies who have employees subscribed to my newsletter. Maybe that's dumb of me. Maybe I should be bragging about that. But I guess that just isn't my style.
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