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ICYMI: Marcel Becker and Al Iverson on Domain Reputation and Apple MPP

On April 4, 2022, the Certified Senders Alliance invited Yahoo's Marcel Becker and yours truly (Al Iverson) of Spam Resource to "embark upon a discussion of domain reputation" where we also talk in length about open tracking, how it wasn't that accurate to begin with (bots mostly talking to bots) but now, with Apple's Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), it's even less accurate than before.

That doesn't mean you should never rely on open data to make an informed decision about an audience segment -- but it does mean that you should never trust an "open" even tracked at the subscriber level, when making any sort of decision on what to do with an individual subscriber. Meaning, don't use opens as part of your drip campaign logic to decide who gets what email -- it won't be accurate. But, for myself, I'll continue to say that there's a place for open tracking overall, when it comes to engagement tracking for deliverability-improving segmentation purposes.

Learn more! Dive on in below and here about shared reputation risks, what other positive indicators to look for (as alternatives to open tracking), authentication and alignment best practices, and even more!

Thanks to Maike Marx and Sebastian Kluth from the CSA (Certified Senders) for bringing us into their space for this lively and fun discussion.

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