Talking List Hygiene: Andrew Kordek and Al Iverson

Andrew Kordek and I go way back -- he, at Groupon, and me, at ExactTarget, working together (indeed sometimes out of that same Groupon office in Chicago) to help manage, monitor and mitigate deliverability issues for the world's number one daily deal site. Scale was not the only challenge, but it was a big one!

Fast forward to today -- actually, fast forward to about a year ago, given that I just realized that I had never shared this here before. Here I am chatting with Andrew Kordek, now of iPost, about list hygiene and keeping clean data. When list hygiene is most important -- when up front verification matters, where it doesn't quite matter so much, and when and how to define the perfect purge (sunset) strategy.

It's short (under 12 minutes) and fun, and I wanted to put it on here for posterity's sake. Thanks, Andrew, for the chance to catch up on old times and best practices!

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