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What do you do for DMARC monitoring reporting?

I've used OnDMARC by Redsift, dmarcian, Valimail Monitor, and EasyDMARC and I like different things about each of them. I'd say they're all worth looking at, but I don't want to dive too deeply down the hole of which one is best for SMB, enterprise, etc. I could spend many hours investigating (and I've already spent a few) and who knows if I would come up with the best answer. (I've also looked at the Postmark free tier and it seems like it might be "good enough" for really small senders with light needs.)

But together, that's only four out of the universe of DMARC solution vendors out there. Is there a master list somewhere, with every possible one on it? It turns out that there is! tries to be just that. I find it to be very comprehensive and I suspect that folks will find it quite useful.

Thanks to Mark Alley for putting together this valuable resource!



  1. has been a player in the market since 2017, offering a unique tool for DMARC report analysis that also functions as an 'Organizational Knowledge Management System'. We have a client base spanning across England, Canada, Belgium, and France.


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