It's time for another Webinar Rewind! Recently I presented (alongside Jesse Kennedy) a live webinar specifically meant to help AWeber users get up to speed on the new sender requirements brought to us by Yahoo and Google. With a focus on the specifics of what buttons to push, what text to paste into what field, even where and how to buy a domain -- from start to finish, how to configure your email domain so that your AWeber email sends are fully in compliance with the new email authentication requirements.

If you missed it, don't fret! You can find the recording here and embedded below. We made sure to save time to take your questions, and did a bunch of live poking at email authentication and domain DNS settings, so you could see us push the buttons that you yourself need to push to get everything in place. 

As an added bonus, try to find the part where I accidentally closed the presentation momentarily! That glitch aside, I had a lot of fun putting this one together, and I hope that all of my new friends among the AWeber user community found this useful. I look forward to helping you all transition smoothly to help everyone maximize their chances at inbox deliverability success.

Looking for a copy of this deck to download? Here you go.

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