New year, new wombat!

Today, I'm proud to announce the re-launch of Wombatmail! Here I've consolidated all of my different tools together (and create some new ones), and do some other fun new stuff, and that will all be centralized under Wombatmail.

Over at you will find:
  • Wombatmail Tools: I've moved over most of my DNS tools from XNND, and they'll now live here on Wombatmail. It's a great place to quickly look up a domain's MX record, DMARC record, BIMI record, and more. If you poke around, you might find a funky or unique tool here in there, like the DKIM selectors/key search or multi-public DNS server checks to monitor a delegation/caching issue. Nothing too fancy, just simple tools to help you do simple checks when needed, all me and all free. I'll link you to useful tools from other, too, as needed.
  • Wombatmail Data: One of my "fun with data" projects where I've taken the top 10 million domains, appended MX records, and made the resulting data set browsable as simple HTML files. That means that at a click, at a glance, you can get a quick snapshot of how many domains (and which top domains) are hosted by a given entity, for example, Mimecast. And I like to remind people that both Google and Microsoft host mail for a LOT of domains. This is a great way to visualize that data. I find this helpful when I'm trying to measure or convey the scope of a potential deliverability issue -- and I hope you'll find it useful, too.
  • Wombatmail Box: My own deliverability monitoring and testing tools. Sometimes I need a way to do my own testing and measuring, and this is where and how. I'm not looking to sell deliverability tools -- other folks seem to have got that market covered already -- these are just the ones I use when I'm helping folks with issues myself. And it's also the home of my custom mailing list manager and double opt-in email capture.
Keep an eye out as I hope to add more tools and data over the coming time!

The domain is going to go away sometime soon. If you're linking to it programmatically, now might be a good time to wrap that up.

Thanks to everybody who has tried, used, linked to and shared links to my different tools over the years. I appreciate you!
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