Checkmylink: A Cool Tool to help you stay safe!

CheckMyLink (at is a cool tool I stumbled across the other day that lets you check domain names and URLs that might be malicious. I wasn’t quite sure of the scope or exactly what they’re checking, so I reached out to my friend, Sarah Papadopoulou, who happens to be the person who runs this useful checker, which has been created along with

Here’s what she had to say about CheckMyLink:

"Along with members of the anti-scam community we built and support an anti-scam online checking system for domain  names / urls, to protect consumers!

"CheckMyLink lets consumers quickly check a suspicious link they received via WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, email, or other social media. In combination with an annual marketing campaign CheckMyLink can “train” consumers to always first check a link before they click on it.

"CheckMyLink  is already live in several countries:

"The idea was from Scamadvisor (  and each country is building its system for checks.

"Also, we are trying to evolve that and I created, which is more oriented toward checking headers and looking for technical issues, but we also wanted to be able to analyze the content forwarded messages to catch a scam/phishing message and inform users as well.

Let's hope this will help consumers."

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