Encrypted email service Skiff to shut down

Add this one to the dead domains list ... eventually. Secure email (mailbox) provider Skiff has announced that due to being acquired by a company called Notion, the Skiff secure email service will be shutdown. As far as timing, access to the Skiff suite of services will cease on August 9, 2024, but automatic email forwarding will continue on, through February 9, 2025.

Skiff promises that users should be easily able to migrate data out of the Skiff service, allowing users to download email messages in MBOX or EML format.

Besides the core skiff.com domain, Skiff appears to have hosted mail for around 120 of the top ten million domains (and it ranked 48,665 on that list itself, as of December, 2023).

More on the shutdown from ARS Technica.

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