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Google Workspace shutting down LSA support

Just recently discovered in my own inbox: a notice from Google indicating that they're going to require OAuth access for third party applications connecting to "Gmail, Google Calendar, Contacts via protocols such as CalDAV, CardDAV, IMAP, SMTP, and POP." Most modern apps support OAuth already, but there are a number of legacy tools out there that do not -- anything where you might have configured an app password to link that third party functionality to your Google (Workspace) account. 

Starting June 15, 2024, Google will remove the allow "less secure access" app password settings from Google Workspace admin. Currently configured apps and passwords should continue to work until September 30, 2024, at which time support for that functionality will be disabled for Google Workspace users. Read more details here.

Does this affect you? Impact here likely isn't broad, and certainly I'm a fan of better security. But I also do a LOT of email automation, testing, and tracking, and I used a utility called Fetchmail to handle speaking IMAP for a bunch of different accounts across a bunch of different mailbox providers. Fetchmail lacks official OAuth support, and the branched support for it is something that I just haven't been able to get to work. Andris Reinman's Email Engine is a potential replacement, but it's not free and doesn't exactly fit my current workflow. (Though it is a cool product and I highly recommend it, if it might fit your workflow.)

I really do wish Google wasn't removing removing/limiting this app password functionality, though I do get why they're doing it and don't fault them for doing so. Microsoft has already long removed app password support for access to O365 mailboxes, though it's still usable in consumer accounts. We'll see if Google continues to similarly allow consumer Gmail accounts access to the functionality.

Update: Not sure if I'm misinterpreting this one a bit. LSA (Google Sync?) going away, but not app-passwords? Or rather, if I'm interpreting everything I'm reading, even with app password support turned on, LSA (less secure accessing) - meaning accessing an account using only a password - will no longer work for IMAP. Thus it effectively disables use of app passwords for IMAP access, no? I'll investigate further.

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