Webinar Rewind: Deliverability 101 for Klaviyo Users

I thought it would be fun to take a moment and look back at a prior webinar. This presentation that Tonya Gordon and I put together for Klaviyo users in early 2023 was one the most popular webinar I put together for my then-employer. Klaviyo users seem to hunger to learn more about deliverability and best practices, and I think the guidance here is still accurate and will help put folks on a solid deliverability footing.

In the webinar, Tonya and I break down the difference between delivery and deliverability, how to put your best deliverability foot forward (it starts with your authenticated domain name), how to measure and monitor for deliverability issues, and much much more!

Google and Yahoo's new sender requirements had yet to be announced when we presented this webinar; thus we did not touch on them. Klaviyo has put together a Yahoo/Google compliance guide here; and I've published a Yahoo/Google compliance guide on Spam Resource as well. Follow Klaviyo's guidance on this topic, and pull up mine if you want more detail, and you should be golden.

Find the recorded webinar here and embedded below. Enjoy!

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