It seems like a good day to decode another deliverability acronym. It's DELIVTERMS! The annoyingly random ongoing feature from Spam Resource, where we explain all those confusing deliverability terms.

Today we're talking about CASL, which stands for "Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation." If you're American, think of it as the Canadian version of CAN-SPAM, the US federal anti-spam law, but with some important differences. I know a fair amount about CAN-SPAM (disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer) but I know less about CASL. I wanted to learn more, so I asked for guidance from Canadian Deliverability expert Matthew Vernhout (who is currently VP, Deliverability North America for Netcore Cloud). Here are a few good links that he kindly shared with me.

And don't forget to follow Matt Vernhout's blog, Email Karma. Thanks, Matt, for sharing all of this great info!

(Full disclosure: Most of this is recycled from a 2022 blog post, but I believe this content to be accurate as of 2024.)

Don't forget to browse the DELIVTERMS section here on Spam Resource, chock full of explanations of deliverability and email marketing terminology.
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