SFMC Deliverability Overview and Best Practices

Hey, look what I stumbled across! Chris Zullo, Salesforce Consultant and Business Puzzle Solver, did a most excellent job capturing my 2020 presentation on deliverability for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, talking about best practices, domain and IP strategy recommendations, what features you need to implement domains in various different scenarios, how to send as the top level of a domain from Marketing Cloud, how Sender Authentication Package brands all the domain touchpoints in your email sends, and more. It's from May 2020, but though a few years old, the fundamentals here are still quite solid, if I do say so myself.

Chris Zullo's got it all over there on his blog for you -- stop on by and check it out. And if you're a Salesforce consultant, or just a technically-savvy SFMC user, be sure to download that PDF copy of the "Deliverability 201" deck that I put together for that presentation. It'll come in handy, I suspect.

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