Valimail: DMARC and Deliverability: Connecting the Dots

Hey, it's me! In my first blog post ever for Valimail. The topic: Connecting the dots between DMARC and deliverability. Why? To remind folks that these two things do indeed overlap and that folks sending marketing mail need to understand how both work together to impact the ability to get mail delivered successfully. Over on the Valimail blog, I'll do my best to talk about the intersection of DMARC and deliverability, how DMARC helps to improve deliverability, and what marketing senders need to keep in mind as the mailbox provider sender requirements continue to evolve. I'll probably talk about other deliverability-related things as well -- you know me! I hope you'll swing on over to the Valimail blog and check it out. And don't forget to follow the Valimail blog for future installments (and other good stuff).

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