Buttondown: Where is that mail going?

Buttondown provides “Newsletter software for people like you” — it’s a cool and easy to use email newsletter platform created and managed by Justin Duke. He was kind enough to share a domain data snapshot with me, and with all of you.

What does this data snapshot show? It’s early 2024 send volume, ranked by destination domain volume. The top twenty domain destinations for newsletter signup requests and newsletters are mostly as I would expect. Gmail is at the big end, as they remain the big dog. And you can compare it to JWZ’s domain ranking data from last year, and most of the same stuff is in the same order – with a few exceptions.

For example, number two from Justin’s ranking is a surprising one: It’s the Apple Private Relay email service! I’m sure the Apple signup mechanism is quite popular, but I’ve never really seen any data on it before. When I asked Justin why he thinks it might be so represented in his data, he said: “While part of it is due to Buttondown’s average median being younger and more tech-savvy than the overall population, it definitely reflects a broader trend in Apple users adopting the relay — even just looking back compared to prior years for the same demographics, adoption has increased pretty heavily year-over-year.”

If you’re interested in checking out a newer ESP in the space, you should definitely check out Buttondown. Thanks Justin for providing some interesting data!
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