DMARC (and me!) in the news lately

It's great to see folks writing about DMARC and how important it is to email security and deliverability. It's especially wonderful to have been given the chance to include my voice in a couple of those articles recently. Here's links to a couple of recent mentions:

The mysteries of DMARC explained in plain text: Sam Varghese for ITWire, where I break down what DKIM, SPF and DMARC can do for your typical nerd hobbyist running their own email server (like I am!) to help stop spam and keep your email secure.

NSA, FBI warn of email spoofing threat: Sandra Henry-Stocker writing for Network World, where I helped to explain why those of us in Deliverability and DMARC Land find it troubling to hear of bad guys exploiting weak DMARC policy for nefarious gain.

And if you're looking to learn more about North Korea looking to exploit weak DMARC policies to phish their way into intelligence gathering, I've written about it here on Spam Resource and over on the Valimail blog as well, where I lay out my best prescriptive advice on how to secure yourself against this risk.

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