Friday Fun: Lorde: Take Me to the River

Wot is this thing? Why, it's Lorde covering the Talking Heads, and it's an absolutely delightful time waster if you're looking for a bit of fun this Friday. There's a whole Talking Heads "tribute album" coming filled with various artists -- first announced by A24 Music back in December, 2023 -- but details on who else and what else will be on it (and even the release date) seem to be a bit scarce at the time I write this.

The band Paramore appears to be part of this as well, as they've got a cover of "Burning Down the House" just waiting for your view, after you enjoy Lorde. If the album's other tracks are as good as these ones, we'll really be in for a treat.

Lorde - Take Me to the River (Visualizer)

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