New Yahoo Sender Hub Dashboard Update

Over on the Yahoo & AOL Postmaster Blog, the friendly folks at Yahoo just announced an updated Yahoo Sender Hub Dashboard. What have they got for us? Why, it’s a dashboard to register and manage domains for the Yahoo CFL (Complaint Feedback Loop), aka Yahoo Mail’s version of an ISP feedback loop.

Most feedback loops are managed by way of registering a list of sending IP addresses with the mailbox provider (or an FBL-managing intermediary). Yahoo’s CFL has always been a bit different; it’s domain-based, and you register your domain information with them, and that will help them understand where they should send complaints based on matching your domain name name and selector for DKIM-authenticated email messages.

Sounds complicated, perhaps, but it’s pretty straightforward. While you might register your sending IPs with Microsoft’s Junk Mail Reporting Program (Microsoft’s version of an ISP feedback loop), instead, you simply register your sending domains with Yahoo.

The idea of registering your domains with Yahoo is not new. I’ve been doing this for years, across all the many domains for all the many clients I’ve supported in my various deliverability-related roles. What’s new is this dashboard, where you can view, track and modify those domain registrations. Domain owners or deliverability administrators did not have an easy way in the past to lookup and confirm that their domains were still properly enrolled in the Yahoo CFL, and now they do!

This is great news for those of us who configure and manage ISP Feedback Loops for our brands or our customers. I know this had to have been a significant technical undertaking to wrap a user interface and public-facing registration management tools while keeping everything safe and secure, so congratulations to the folks at Yahoo for being able to pull this all together.

Clea Moore, Principal Product Manager at Yahoo, says, “Improving the experience for our mutual customers (our users) means providing email senders with the right tools and resources to manage their email programs. The release of this Dashboard and the new CFL management page is an important step, on the path to a better email experience for all.”

CFL/FBL-style feedback provides useful, actionable insight back to senders to help them prevent, mitigate or remediate deliverability issues, while also allowing email service provider (ESP), marketing automation and ISP platforms the ability to monitor their email sending customers for compliance with email best practices. Thank you, Clea, and thank you all at Yahoo for working hard to help keep email a useful medium for both email users and email senders!


  1. Hey Al,

    Is this similar to GPT? I know some ESPs already register with the Yahoo FBL, but wondering if this tool is more so meant for senders/marketers rather than ESPs to gain additional insight outside of their sending platform, again, similar to GPT?

    Thanks for all you do!


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