Nonprofit? Need Deliverability help?

Are you a nonprofit in need of better email deliverability, or know one that could use some help? Every month, MV Braverman's Inbox Welcome offers pro bono service to set up email authentication or conduct an email deliverability audit for one nonprofit organization.

What Inbox Welcome Offers:
  • Email Authentication Setup: Ensuring your emails are verified and trusted by mailbox providers.
  • Deliverability Audit: Identifying and fixing issues that might be affecting your email reach.
Why This Matters:
Good email deliverability is crucial for nonprofits to reach supporters, spread their message, and drive engagement. Make sure your emails land in the inbox, not the spam folder!

How to Participate:
Let’s work together to empower nonprofits with the tools they need to succeed!

Publisher’s Note: Not a sponsored post! I just wanted to share the word to help connect non-profits with the deliverability help that they might need. Thanks for offering this, MV!

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