What’s up with AMP for Email in 2024?

Wondering what’s up with AMP for Email? Email interactivity was a tricky thing to design and implement, and there were lots of hurdles and concerns along the way. But I was (and am) a fan, as I can see the value in it, even at the simplest level – I recall being amazed when I could approve a Google Docs share request without leaving my inbox, an early example of Google dogfooding interactive email. So, I’ve been sort of wondering what’s next, and when is AMP really going to hit the big time, if you will? I'm curious, and I know that you're curious, but I know very little about the current state.

Thankfully, here Chad White comes to the rescue! As he did back in 2022, he very recently provided an update on where things are today and what the headwinds are that seem to have slowed adoption. If you’re curious about AMP, you’ll definitely want to read this. And thank you to Chad for putting this together!


  1. Agreed: AMP is magical... much more than SFMC interactive email. My two cents, it's basically flopped – minimal uptake, probably for that funny phenomenon where the tech outruns the behavior. For three decades, we've been receiving emails and perceiving them as static... if occasionally jiggly with GIFs. Google—not known as a good marketer—hasn't educated the public to update that perception. Thus when a cutting-edge sender would attempt to drive subscribers to take AMP-ey actions within an email (ignoring Al's intuitive Google Docs usecases), the desired UX flies entirely over subscribers' heads.


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